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Transfer Hotel

It is a 4-star comprehensive business Ares locating at the east side of international departure hall in Area E of terminal station building T3 Capital airport, engaging in lodging ,catering and amusement.

Room service:

It has 17 rooms, consisting of 1 deluxe room, 6 standard room , 6 double rooms and 4 single rooms. Special facilities are also prepared for the handicapped and complete living facilities .We have polite, considerate and respectful servants. All these provide you with some quietness and some comfort.

Restaurant & Coffee bar:

The Transfer Hotel offer buffets of various foods, including cold dishes, pastry, drinks, Chinese and western dishes. They are well designed and made of superior raw materials, enabling you enjoy fast cate of abundant nourishment.

The cafe in the hall supplies various coffees, foreign liquors, teas and soft drinks. You can have a relaxing and joyful time during the wait for delayed flight or connecting flights.

Contact Us:

Tel: 86-10-6453-2621

Fax: 86-10-6453-2622