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Boutique hotel built coalition seek salvation

Date: 2014-10-30

In recent years, the boutique hotel has been gradually constitute an important force in the hospitality industry, but the evaluation criteria blank, barriers to entry lacks phenomenon exists for a long time.Beijing commercial daily reporter learned yesterday, integration of domestic boutique hotel platform - the Chinese boutique hotel alliance was formally established in November, the first to develop 20 boutique hotel to join.In fact, the establishment of the boutique hotel alliance is only part of the hotel industry to the federation.In the industry, economy hotel facing the bottleneck of diluted profit, profit peak;Independent hotels in deep trouble, helpless "bulk";While federation members from sharing, become the breach of the hotel industry demand is broken, and new mode of evolution for the hotel industry development, but the effect remains to be seen.
In pan American investment consulting co., LTD. The chairman Jiang Qing said Chinese boutique hotel alliance platform based on Internet brand organization, integration of domestic monomer boutique hotel and other small boutique living places, in order to realize the union membership, boutique hotel guests and suppliers share as the core, and set up some barriers to entry.
Jiang Qing said the coalition similar to the non-profit organization, the union members did not charge membership fees.Huamei hotel consultant co., LTD., chief expert knowledge management Zhao Huanyan said, boutique hotel personalized strong, evaluation standard is difficult to determine, is not suitable for standardized management of the group, more appropriate customer sharing alliance form.But free may attract strategy of league is just the initial stage, the late fee for normal operation mode.Data shows, the global luxury boutique hotel alliance (SLH) for domestic small boutique hotel commissions for 300000 yuan/year/home.At the same time, home inns CEO sun chien said publicly, in the integration of small and medium-sized hotel resources "au" platform, "in case of order, charge a commission, home inns hotel let us also can pay for all kinds of training and engineering design".